Workers’ Compensation Insurance

It’s estimated that over 55% of business overpay for their workers’ comp insurance.  This is primarily do to misclassification and other errors.

The first thing these businesses do when their work comp insurance bill goes up is to shop for insurance quotes instead of addressing things that caused the increase.

The best course of action is to shop for the best work comp insurance specialists.  EXPOSED: most agents don’t know that they don’t know enough about workers comp.  Some agents know they are under qualified – but, want the commission and don’t want to risk losing the client.

A certified work comp advisor is your best bet. They’ll know how to get you on the right track.  In some instances they can get you a refund for overpayments.

Workers comp insurance




Tips for controlling workers comp insurance costs

The most important is to convince your employees that maintaining a safe workplace is vital and will consequently reduce your insurance costs.  Here are some ways to control costs:

  • Implement a return to work policy in which employees work modified duty until they are healthy to do their jobs.
  • Orient and train your employees on safe practices necessary for their job functions and tasks.
  • Insist that employee claims are reported promptly.
  • Investigate the cause of injuries and illnesses.

workers comp insurance

Is your broker taking proactive steps to help you lower your workers’ comp premiums?

We will help you reduce claims and control costs by establishing a written safety policy, implementing a return to work program, streamlining reporting procedures and identifying top loss sources.

Did you know that businesses see a $4 to $6 return on every dollar invested in safety and health?

Our employee safety materials will help you promote a safety-minded workplace. We can provide industry-specific flyers, newsletters, bulletins, a comprehensive worker safety manual and more to keep safety top of mind.

How effective is your return to work program?

The evidence is clear: the longer a claim stays open, the more it will cost you. We can help you implement a robust return to work program that provides employees with appropriate care and facilitates quick recovery.

We can help!

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