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Worker's Compensation Insurance

Certified Work Comp Advisors at The Insurance Specialist Team

Your business is our priority and we'll provide the best insurance for you. Save money by getting the RIGHT Worker’s Compensation Insurance for your business from our team of certified work comp specialists.

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Why Get Worker's Compensation Insurance?

One of the best ways to protect your business and employees from financial ruin is by purchasing workers' compensation coverage. And most States require businesses to have work comp coverage for their employees. This is a great way to help cover medical expenses and lost wages for small business owners if their employee becomes injured or sick. 

Insurance Specialists Team, Worker's Compensation, Work Comp

Medical Expenses

Insurance Specialists Team, Worker's Compensation, Work Comp

Ongoing Care/Rehabilitation Costs

Insurance Specialists Team, Home Insurance

Lost Wages

work comp, Insurance Specialists Team, worker's compensation insurance

Funeral Expenses

Insurance Specialists Team, Home Insurance

Legal Fees

Errors To Avoid in Work Comp Insurance 

More than 50% of businesses overpay for their work comp insurance, and worse, some of them being denied the benefits. There are many factors involved why errors happen. See the errors to avoid below.

  • ERRORS IN YOUR AUDIT. You may be overcharged if there are errors in your audit. Take time to prepare for and understand the audit – having work comp specialists to guide and help can be useful here.

  • POOR HIRING PROTOCOLS. Hiring the right employees is critical in determining if how well suited he or she is for the position & minimize injuries and other work-related mishaps.

  • EMPLOYEE MISCLASSIFICATIONS. Misclassifying employees- If misclassified employees are hurt on the job, they may not be legible to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

  • DON'T HAVE CLEAR UNDERSTANDING OF YOUR EXPERIENCE MODIFICATION FACTOR- which directly impacts the cost of Workers Compensation insurance for employers.

  • NOT REPORTING WORK-RELATED INJURY ON TIME. Reporting your injury to your employer in writing as soon as possible is crucial in a workers’ compensation claim.

  • LATE OR INACCURATE CLAIM SUBMISSION. A late or inaccurate form may keep your employees from receiving benefits. 

  • The Insurance Specialists Team

    Get The Advantage of Getting Your Work Comp Insurance With IST

    The Insurance Specialists Team specializes in business liability and workers comp insurance for professional services businesses like yours.

  • We have certified work comp advisors and specialists: It’s estimated over 55% of businesses overpay for their work comp. We know why.

  • We will help make sure your audit is error-free, make sure you’re not overcharged, and assist in eliminating future errors

  • We'll give you expert advice on how you can minimize your worker’s compensation insurance premium.

  • Help you review your hiring process and employee classifications to avoid problems in workers compensation.

  • Assist employers incorrectly managing their employees when an injury happens and what steps to take.

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    What Our Clients Are Saying

    Be one of our happy and satisfied clients. We will always ensure that you get the best rates, the best policy, and the best service on your insurance.

    ''This is a wonderful team of individuals who quickly assess your insurance needs to find you the best and most affordable option out there. They are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I highly recommend working with them for your home and business needs.''

    -Jill Host

    '' We have been doing business with Insurance Specialist Team for 2 years now. We require fast turn around on insurance certificates on a weekly basis, sometimes multiple times a day. We have them in hand within 5-10 minutes on average which helps keep our business alive. The team is friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to do what they can to help out.''

    -Ryan Nelson

    ''IST is the best company I have ever had insurance through. Julie Evans and her staff are very attentive, helpful, and most of all kind. What I love most is that they never stop helping you. Instead of giving me a one and done policy, they regularly review my policies to see if they can save me more money. They go above and beyond for their clients. Highly recommended. No complaints.''

    -Lacey Smith

    ''We have been working with Insurance Specialist Team (IST) for some time now and extremely happy. Their service is outstanding as well as their ability to work seamlessly between our accounts in Minnesota and Arizona. We are true advocates of great customer service, and the IST continually exceeds our expectations every time.''

    -George Rongere

    Everything You Need is Here at IST Including Access To The Top Insurance Advisors

    Top advisors from The Insurance specialists Team are here for you and will certainly look after your insurance — whether it’s assisting with claims, assessing protection or aiding in selecting new coverage.  We value the relationship we build with you and will work to serve your best interests.