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Finding affordable tow truck insurance or a carrier that will insure towing has become a challenge for many businesses.  Insure your business and protect what you tow with On-Hook and Garagekeepers Legal Liability insurance

You can get customized coverage tow truck insurance for your towing business.  As you likely know or may soon find at renewal there aren’t as many options for Truck insurance these days.  Fortunately, you found this page.  We can help you out!  We can get you insured and likely save you money too.  Call and speak with a truck insurance specialist.


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Examples of towing businesses that may need commercial tow truck insurance typically include:

  • Roadside service providers
  • Auto club contractors
  • Rotational towing
  • Auto body shops
  • Auto mechanical repair
  • Full service stations
  • Auto salvage and auction haulers

Working with a specialist knowledgeable in truck insurance you will not only get the right coverage you’ll have a better chance of getting the best pricing as we represent many companies – not just one. Your tow truck, towing insurance products and features designed specifically for your needs are vital.

We offer all lines of insurance.  So, you can get and have all your insurance in one spot for an easy one stop shop.
Garagekeepers Legal Liability insurance — This insurance for commercial tow trucks provides protection for customer vehicles when they’re parked at your shop, garage, etc.
On-Hook Towing insurance — This towing insurance protects customer vehicles while you’re towing them.
Towing insurance: tow trucks used for repos.

Workers compensation insurance and more.

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