There are many changes in life that can occur which could create gaps in coverage for your current insurance package. Even your group policy could have gaps in coverage that don’t adequately cover you or your family’s needs.

At Insurance Specialists Team we strive to protect you, your family, and your assets from any potential gaps in coverage. This questionnaire serves as a review which we perform bi-annually or annually to save you time, to save you money, to reduce hassle for potential claims, and reduce your overall risk to any potential perils. Please review the questions and let us know if any changes need to be made.  It will ensure proper coverage and discounts.


Property Updates


  1. Have you updated, enhanced, or built any additions for your home?


  2.  Have you recently updated any plumbing, heating, or electrical household items?


  3.  Is your home currently under construction?


  4.  Have you added any woodstoves, pools, or trampolines?


  5.  Have you acquired a second home, cabin or any vacant land?


  6.  Do you own any rental properties or plan on buying any rental property in the near future?


  7.  Do you plan on buying a new home in the near future?


  8.  Do you have any kids who have moved to college? Are their possessions properly covered?


  9.   Are there any other residents living in your home? Or employees who reside in your home?


  10.  Have you recently started or do you currently conduct any business in your home?


  11.  Have you purchased/inherited/ or currently take care of any pets on your property? If so what type of pet(s) do you have?


  12.  Have you added any extra security systems or fire protection systems to your home?


  13.  Do you own property in any other state?


  14.  Do you currently have flood insurance?


  15. Do you own any farm land which is rented for income?


Personal Contents and Belongings Updates


  1. Have you acquired or do you own any valuable collectibles or antiques?


  2. Have you acquired or do you currently own any valuable jewelry that is not specifically listed on your policy?


  3. Have you acquired or do you currently own any valuable guns, golf clubs, bicycles, or any other recreational sports equipment?


  4. Have you acquired or do you currently own any valuable musical Instruments?


  5. Have you acquired or do you currently own any valuable stamps, coins, or silverware?


  6. Have you acquired or do you currently own any valuable Artwork?


Automobile and Recreational Vehicles


  1. Will any additional drivers be added to your auto policy in the next 2 years? If so when?


  2. Do you currently own any vehicles that are not listed on your current policy?


  3. Are you going to be buying a new car in the next 90 days?


  4. Have you recently purchased or installed any anti-theft devices in your vehicle?


  5. Have you recently purchased or installed any upgraded stereo, sound, or electronic equipment in your vehicle?


  6. Have you taken any defensive driver or driver education classes?


  7. Do you own any vehicles older than 1981? Or any vehicle which would be viewed as a classic or antique?


  8. Have you had any reported accidents, violations, or claims since your last policy?



  9. Has anyone explained the benefits of Personal Injury Protection Stacking or PIP stacking?


  10. Do you own any of the following: If so please provide vin and serial numbers.

    1. Boat or any other watercraft?

    2. Motor Home, Campers, Travel Trailer, or Rv’s?

    3. Motorcycles, Golf carts, ATV, 4 wheeler, or Snowmobiles?





  1. Is your current household net worth more than your current liability limits?


  2. Have you recently acquired a death benefit or inherited a large lump sum of money?


  3. Do you own any business that is not insured with Insurance Specialists Team?


  4. Do you foresee a substantial change in your income in the next year?


  5. Have you considered the benefits of an umbrella policy?


  6. Do your kids qualify for good student discounts for their grades?


  7. What Is your academic background? Are you currently in school?

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