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You can now get Rideshare Insurance coverage in Minnesota from Progressive.  This is good news as Progressive not only has great rates they offer superior coverage for Rideshare. An endorsement now available on Progressive Personal Auto Policy

Progressive’s Rideshare Insurance covers an individual driver who is logged into one or more Transportation Network Company (TNC) apps, such as Uber or Lyft, while driving a covered vehicle. The individual will receive all of the eligible services and benefits of a Progressive customer including our hassle-free claims service. This is an affordable insurance solution for policyholders and new customers who drive for TNCs.

What is a Transportation Network Company (TNC)?  Uber and Lyft are TNC’s It’s basically companies that use a digital network to connect riders to drivers to pre-arange and provide transportation.

Progressive’s endorsement includes TNC goods delivery as well as passengers.  Uber eats postmates, Amazon FLEX, Instacart, etc. are covered as well.  Pizza delivery is not covered unless it is through a TNC.

Progressive Rideshare Insurance

Progresive’s endorsement can help fill most of the coverage gaps.  It bridges the gaps on the deductibles too – most other insurers don’t cover this deductible gap.

Uber’s deductible is $1000 and Lyft’s is $2500.  If you have a $500 deductible with Progressive for example, that’s they’ll cover the gap.  With Lyft in this instance $2000 gap.

Progressive’s endorsement is an ideal solution.  If you should need commercial insurance for Limo or Private drivers Progressive offers (In most states) a policy to cover you.


Your Progressive independent agent at the Insurance Specialists Team represents Progressive and other top insurance companies.  They provide you with choices and options to cover your needs.  There are experts in rideshare or transportation industry insurance and would be glad to provide you with expert advice. Call 763.244.3735


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