Prepare and protect your boat or RV in the off-season

by IST

Follow these tips to make sure your vehicle is ready for winter.

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□ Review vehicle manuals for winterization and maintenance.
□ Check rubber seals, gaskets, roof tops, decks, windows, etc. to prevent water intrusion.
□ Remove anything that retains water.
□ Turn cushions on edge to prevent mold and mildew.
□ Fill gas tank to minimize condensation. Add a fuel stabilizer.
□ Change oil/oil filter to protect your engine from impurities.
□ Turn off refrigerator. Disconnect battery cables and turn off all
battery switches or remove the battery completely.
□ Open and clean drawers, lockers, refrigerator and freezer.
□ Use a coupler lock on trailers. Lock all compartments and entry doors.
□ BOATS: Pressure wash hull to remove marine organisms. Clean thru-hulls and strainers. Open seacocks to drain any water. Store the boat “bow high.” Remove the hull drain plug so rainwater
can escape.
□ Close windows and blinds—and keep the RV/boat covered.
□ Block all wheels securely so your vehicle/trailer can’t roll.
□ Remove your keys, update your contact information at the storage facility, and have someone check on your vehicle periodically.
□ Review your insurance policy for the optional
specialized coverages you may need, such as
Roadside Assistance, Emergency On-Water Towing
(Boat) and Vacation Liability (RV), just to name a few.

For more information on these or other specialized
coverages, contact your personal lines insurance specialists team.

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