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The Insurance Specialists Team is taking part in the Life Insurance Awareness Month campaign to increase understanding of the importance of life insurance. We want to make sure your loved ones are protected. This nationwide initiative is conducted during September by the not-for-profit Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education (LIFE).

Life Insurance Specialists agree, one key message is that life insurance can provide a large source of important benefits across all age groups

Whether you’re single, married, have kids or are preparing for retirement, life insurance products provide peace of mind,” said Tim Peddycoart – Life Insurance Specialist with IST. “Everyone’s life insurance goals are different. Too often people put purchasing life insurance off thinking they’ll purchase when they have more monthly income.

My sister Julie Evans – CEO of the Insurance Specialists Team was persistent – thankfully, and I purchased a policy when I was healthy and young. I only wish I had purchased more when it was a bargain!”

The other thing is many times it can actually cost less overall as multi policy discounts are sometimes greater than the cost of a life policy or make it really affordable. The best place to start is with a needs assessment by a professional life insurance specialist.”

The policy at work might be an added bonus but it can’t be counted on – especially these days.


Single People

It’s best to purchase when you are healthy and young. It’s inexpensive and only goes up as we age. If we lose our health obtaining a policy may be difficult if not impossible. You can lock up low premiums before you get married.

Married Couples

Protect yourself and your spouse from the unexpected. Take steps now to provide financial protection for your spouse. It’s a good time to get protection in place if you’re planning on having children.

Families with Kids

Life insurance offers a family the resources to maintain their lifestyle should a parent pass away. It also can pay off debts and cover funeral costs, and provide money for longer-range needs, including college tuition or retirement. Stay-at-home parents also need insurance because they provide vital household services that would be expensive to replace.

Retirement Planning

Protecting your savings can be a difficult job. It is best to develop a strategy that can both protect and expand funds you’ve earmarked for retirement. You’ll be glad you did! Consider some of these options:

  • Supplement your retirement income. Within certain guidelines, permanent life insurance or a Return of Premium policy offers the flexibility to supplement your retirement income with the cash value accumulated within your policy.
  • Preserve your estate for your heirs. Even if your estate is modest, life insurance can provide a legacy for your loved ones or a cause even if you deplete most of the assets in your estate during your retirement years.
  • Provide protection for your Loved ones. Failure to plan effectively can have serious consequences, especially if there is a nonworking spouse.

For a thorough assessment of specific needs, clients can contact a licensed an insurance specialist and receive a free, no-obligation financial needs analysis. We represent many companies and have many products. This review focuses on three priorities: How much a family needs following a loved one’s death to meet immediate expenses, how much money they need to maintain their standard of living, and how to fill any gap between current assets and immediate and future financial needs.

If you already have life insurance let us know where it is so we can add it to your file in case something happens and we get a call. If you don’t have a policy call us – in case something happens we get a call!

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