IT Insurance

The Insurance Specialists Team specializes in IT insurance for technology businesses including self-employed individuals and IT consultants working from home. We understand the unique risks you face, that’s why we offer technology insurance that is customized to your specific needs. We cover a range of IT professionals including (but not limited to):

  • IT consultants
  • Application service providers
  • Database administrators/designer
  • Computer consultants
  • Computer programmers
  • Hardware installation experts
  • Integration Specialists
  • IT project managers
  • Online security specialists
  • Software developers
  • System designers
  • Website developers

Professional liability insurance

Professional liability insurance or errors and omissions insurance protects your business if there’s ever a discrepancy between the services you provide and your client’s expectations. Understanding the specific risks you face as an IT business, we can customize this insurance by adding $200,000 of software copyright infringement coverage to most of our IT insurance policies.

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General liability insurance

All technology service providers should seriously consider general liability coverage. It protects you from third-party claims arising from bodily injury (slips and falls), personal injury ( libel or slander), and damage to someone else’s property.

 Business owner insurance

Also known as a business owner’s policy or BOP insurance, this combines general liability coverage with protection for your business equipment, such as computers, printers, copiers and office furniture.


We have Solutions for technology companies…

Whether you’re a start-up, fast-emerging companies or established global enterprise, you expect insurance solutions tailored to your needs.  We can help you.  Our experience and local market knowledge positions you to deliver impactful risk management and insurance solutions.

At IST, our IT Insurance Specialists have industry expertise to help protect technology companies from cutting-edge threats as well as everyday hazards. From specialty policies like Global Companion to auto, property, general liability, umbrella, E&O, network security liability,media liability and workers compensation, we have the products to support this specialized industry.

More than just a policy Tech company CFOs* told us risk mitigation, education and prevention are important to them,which is why we are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and resources to help technology companies avoid losses and protect their assets.

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