Insurance MN The Independent Agent Advantage over Geico, State Farm and Others

by IST


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Have you ever wondered how some insurance companies like Geico, State Farm, Allstate, and others could spend hundreds of millions and still have best policies and prices?

Truth is most often these companies don’t have the best prices or policies.  They do spend a lot of money trying to portray an image and belief.  The best way to find out the truth and find the best insurance policies and prices  is to use an independent agent like the ones you’ll find at the Insurance Specialists Team.

Of course,  you could do a bunch of research on your own.  There is a ton of info on companies.  Google State Farm claims or ratings for example and see how they compare to others. Are they really like a great neighbor?  Do the same for the others.  What image and message are they trying to portray or get you to believe?

Many of these companies don’t even have local offices.  They just have 800 numbers and many times put the possibility of errors on you as you become your own agent.  If you don’t choose the correct coverage or something is missing or wrong there is no recourse.  It’s your fault. Insurance agents are required to get licensed and take continuous education.  They also have E&O insurance to cover them if they should ever make a mistake.

An independent agent represents many insurance companies not just one. So, they can – for the most part – objectively compare and offer you the best policies available.  Insurance policies that fit your needs and budget.  Captive agents can only offer one policy and guess which one?

Skip all the time researching and get a quote from an experienced agent – your MN insurance team and then compare.  Easy Fast Local.  They really are your neighbors.


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