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Workers’ Compensation Insurance 101

It’s estimated over 55% of businesses overpay for their workers’ compensation insurance. There are many ways to reduce premiums, eliminate overcharges and headaches.  The Challenge is not shopping for the lowest quote rather finding an agent who knows work comp and how to reduce premiums and even get refunds for overcharges. It’s important to improve your risk profile by analyzing and addressing issues creating larger premiums. One of the biggest areas for improvement is the Audit. Work comp professionals have found Almost 80% of premium audits are incorrect. Sometime these errors are in the 100’s of thousands of dollars. So […]

Work Comp Insurance Secret

by IST
SECRET – Why Businesses Overpay for Work Comp Insurance…. You control if your audit is error free, overcharge free and 100% correct Because your real insurance cost is determined after your policy expires, it’s essential the audit is correct. You’re at a disadvantage from the start. The insurance company auditor knows the rules, you don’t. The law does not compel the auditor to explain the rules, especially if applying a rule would cause you to pay a lower premium.     Here’s how the Work comp insurance auditor works against you:   • Your entire payroll is put into the highest […]

Make OSHA Record Keeping Easy With OSHA Logs

Make OSHA record keeping a breeze! As an employer, you’ll need to fill out just one very simple online form either on your computer or smartphone and you’ll be able to create all OSHA forms instantly. This includes the OSHA Form 300, 300 A and 301. You’ll be able to download, print, or email these documents just like any other PDF. And, since all the forms utilize one data source, you’ll eliminate the potential for mistakes between the forms.  Also, if you need to make a change, do it once and all three forms will be updated automatically. OSHALogs will […]
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