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Creative Ways To Save On Life Insurance

by IST
Five Simple Tips to Get an  Affordable Life Insurance Policy Are you looking to get an affordable life insurance policy? Many people think life insurance is expensive. This is because the cost of life insurance has been increasing over the years. This forces many to avoid getting a policy to protect their loved ones from financial hardship when they’re gone.However, the truth remains that it is still an essential part of a good financial plan for every family. Well, here’s the thing: life insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it can be surprisingly affordable but still offers the […]

3 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Purchasing Life Insurance

by IST
Are you looking to buy life insurance? Like many, you may be buying intending to protect your family from financial risks should the worst happen. Life insurance is readily available with tons of companies offering coverage. But, some failed at buying and end up getting the wrong amount of coverage or policy as a whole resulting in more financial vulnerability. To avoid this, we listed the 3 most common mistakes people make when buying life insurance. 1. Not doing enough research before the purchase. One of the worst mistakes people make when buying life insurance is not gathering enough information […]

Life Insurance Awareness

by IST
The Insurance Specialists Team is taking part in the Life Insurance Awareness Month campaign to increase understanding of the importance of life insurance. We want to make sure your loved ones are protected. This nationwide initiative is conducted during September by the not-for-profit Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education (LIFE). Life Insurance Specialists agree, one key message is that life insurance can provide a large source of important benefits across all age groups Whether you’re single, married, have kids or are preparing for retirement, life insurance products provide peace of mind,” said Tim Peddycoart – Life Insurance Specialist with […]

Homeowners Insurance Explained

by IST
Your home is a major investment—which is why it’s critical to protect that investment with the proper insurance. Homeowners insurance can offer financial protection in the event of an unexpected disaster or accident involving you, your home or your personal property. Watch this video to understand the key coverage elements of your homeowners policy. Call The Insurance Specialists Team and speak with a specialist – get answers to any questions. 530 Jefferson Blvd, Big Lake, MN 55309 Phone: (763) 244-3735 Get FREE Insurance Quotes!

Business Interruption Policies and Coronavirus

by IST
As the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak evolves, businesses face growing uncertainty as to how this pandemic will affect their operations long term. This is especially true when you consider that many organizations—including bars, restaurants, entertainment venues, retailers and manufacturers—have had to close their doors or cease operations as a result of COVID-19. Not only has this severely impacted their ability to serve their customers, but, for some, it has also led to indefinite disruptions—disruptions that could impact their bottom line. As a result of the unprecedented challenges COVID-19 brings, many businesses are turning to insurance, like business interruption insurance, for help. […]

Is It Time To Review Your Commercial Insurance?

Is it time to reveiw your commercial insurance? 763.244.3735 Businesses evolve and grow over time. Your insurance should be adjusted and reflect the current needs of the business. A solid wall of coverage ensures all the business has acheived and it’s future is secure. If you’ve added new equiptment, employees, promoted employess, added new buildings or locations then it’d be wise to review your insurance now. The Insurance specialists team has commercial specialists here for you including a master certified workers’ compensation advisor.

Minnesota: How To Easily Compare Insurance Quotes

by IST
Are you aware that you could receive a large discount by using an Independent Insurance Agent?  In addition, if you live in certain zip codes, you may get extremely low rates. For a long time, there was no easy way to compare quotes from all of these huge car insurance companies. You had to call or check one site, then jump to another and enter all of your information all over again.  Or the worst -some sites just took your info and sold it to a bunch of rookie agents who relentlessly called you. Then if you found a good […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

by IST

Do You Need Rideshare Insurance?

by IST
Driving for Uber, Lyft or other rideshare industry gigs has become a popular way  for people with a car to generate part time or fulltime income. It provides great flexability. In fact, full-time drivers $36,500 on average in 2018. While the flexible hours and extra income is enticing for many, it’s important to consider all the factors before diving into a career with Uber or Lyft. These rideshare companies provide drivers with insurance coverage, but many drivers don’t realize that they aren’t fully covered from the time they get in their car to the time they hang up the keys.  […]

If a Neighbor’s Tree Falls on Your Home, Who Pays?

by IST
          Every year, storms are responsible for felling countless trees and limbs. Unfortunately, some of those fallen trees damage homes and other property. Cleaning up the damage from a storm can be a difficult task, both physically and emotionally, and things can become especially tense when you discover that it’s your neighbor’s tree that damaged your house.   To make matters worse, many homeowners are surprised to discover that if a neighbor’s tree falls on their house, it’s usually their own homeowners insurance policy—not their neighbor’s—that will cover the cost of the damages. What follows are […]

Can you Afford to Retire?

by IST
No longer do people retire and sit at home inactive. Today’s retirees are more active than ever. Unfortunately, those activities take money and unless you’re planning to sit at home and wait for death you should be making plans to take care of all those things you wish you had done earlier in life once you retire. While you are planning for your financial retirement you should also take the time to make plans for what you will do once you retire. Do you need to join a travel club now in order to have an established membership when the […]


by IST
Growing since 2003 The Insurance Specialists Team’s overall vision is to provide our customers the best coverage at the lowest cost via the best team of specialists.  We are a forward thinking agency.  Experience is a desired quality.  However, being able to accept change and able to seek improvements to best serve our clients is given most consideration.  Good ideas are encouraged.  We desire to build a culture of excellence where team members have the opportunity to advance through the ranks and share the rewards. Who we hire The Insurance Specialists Team  Hires team members who impress managers and advance […]

Insurance MN The Independent Agent Advantage over Geico, State Farm and Others

by IST
  Have you ever wondered how some insurance companies like Geico, State Farm, Allstate, and others could spend hundreds of millions and still have best policies and prices? Truth is most often these companies don’t have the best prices or policies.  They do spend a lot of money trying to portray an image and belief.  The best way to find out the truth and find the best insurance policies and prices  is to use an independent agent like the ones you’ll find at the Insurance Specialists Team. Of course,  you could do a bunch of research on your own.  There […]

ELD Enforcement Contributes to Rising Freight Rates

by IST
Electronic logging device (ELD) enforcement has contributed to rapidly growing freight rates, according to a report from transportation information firm DAT Solutions. The firm found that 3 percent of surveyed truckers planned to retire instead of comply with the ELD rule, which was a large factor in a 7 percent drop in year-over-year trucking capacity. Although the ELD rule came into effect at the end of 2017, the Department of Transportation only began enforcement of the rule on April 1, 2018. ELDs automatically track a driver’s compliance with federal hours-of-service limits, and drivers who don’t use the devices must stop […]

2018 Driver Improvement Program 55+ Class Schedule

by IST
2018 DRIVER IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM 55+ CLASS SCHEDULE         Enroll in a course near you- or call 1-320-308-1400 First Time Basic 8 hour Course- 2 (4) hour sessions on consecutive days- $26.00 January 20 Saturday 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Andover Sr. Center February 22 & 23 Thurs./Fri. Noon to 4:00 PM Connexus Energy, Ramsey March 13 & 14 Tues./Wed. 5:00 to 9:00 PM Plymouth Creek Community Center 27 Tuesday 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM First National Bank of Elk River April 3 & 4 Tues./Wed. 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM Nowthen Alliance Church May 8 & 9 […]

Make OSHA Record Keeping Easy With OSHA Logs

Make OSHA record keeping a breeze! As an employer, you’ll need to fill out just one very simple online form either on your computer or smartphone and you’ll be able to create all OSHA forms instantly. This includes the OSHA Form 300, 300 A and 301. You’ll be able to download, print, or email these documents just like any other PDF. And, since all the forms utilize one data source, you’ll eliminate the potential for mistakes between the forms.  Also, if you need to make a change, do it once and all three forms will be updated automatically. OSHALogs will […]

Is it Time to Replace Your Car Tires?

by IST
Your car’s tire performance is essential to both its safety and its efficiency. Tires eventually lose traction and braking ability, and should be replaced when necessary. When your tires are in tip-top shape, they ensure that you stay safe behind the wheel. Do Your Tires Need Replacing? Here’s how to determine if you need to replace your tires: Inspect tread wear bars. These are small bridges that form between your treads. If you look at your tread pattern and notice the beginnings of these bars starting to form between the treads or running across the tires, and then become flush […]

Prepare and protect your boat or RV in the off-season

by IST
Follow these tips to make sure your vehicle is ready for winter.         □ Review vehicle manuals for winterization and maintenance. □ Check rubber seals, gaskets, roof tops, decks, windows, etc. to prevent water intrusion. □ Remove anything that retains water. □ Turn cushions on edge to prevent mold and mildew. □ Fill gas tank to minimize condensation. Add a fuel stabilizer. □ Change oil/oil filter to protect your engine from impurities. □ Turn off refrigerator. Disconnect battery cables and turn off all battery switches or remove the battery completely. □ Open and clean drawers, lockers, refrigerator […]

Do You Need a Personal Umbrella?

Use the quick form below to determine if you should consider an umbrella. Umbrellas aren’t just for the super wealthy. We live in a litigious society and umbrellas don’t cost much. In fact, they could be considered a bargain after a judgment. It’d be a sad day if you were determined liable for an at fault accident and had a judgment against you. For example:   $2,000,000 judgment – $30,000 (the state minimum auto liability limits) = Bad situation – especially when you find out how affordable an umbrella or just extra liability coverage costs.  It’s one of the few […]

The Truth about Water Damage

by IST
Most policies don’t come with backup of sewer and drains coverage.  It’s true.  Do you have this coverage?  How much do you have? Check the video below for the truth about water damage. What can be saved? What should you do first? What is the minimum amount of coverage one should include? What does it cost? According to the Insurance Information Institute most homeowner and business insurance policies do not cover sewer backup unless specific sewer backup coverage is added to the policy. Tim Peddycoart – home insurance specialist for the Insurance Specialists Team says to “Check and find out […]

Tis the Season for Christmas Shoplifting…and for Stolen Gifts

by IST
              These holiday tips brought to you by The Insurance Specialists Team We are in the peak holiday shopping season. Whether your at Rosedale, Northtown mall, The MOA –  we’d like to suggest a few reminders about how to be safe and to prevent your gifts and other purchases from being stolen. Shopping during the holiday season can present many dangers, but following a few prevention measures can help keep your holiday season joyous.  Packages left in a car in plain site can be too much for criminals to resist. Please keep these safety […]

AAA Membership Special Limited Time Offer

by IST
AAA MEMBERSHIP Effective September 29, 2014 throughout 2015, we are pleased to announce a special limited time new member offer! • – Waive enrollment fee and One Free Associate with a New Primary Member when enrolling. • Free Associate must be added same time New Primary Member enrolled. • Only one “Free Associate” per new Household. • Free Basic (revised name “Classic”) Dues only for 1st Associate. PlusRV and PremierRV are at current rates. All other Associates can be added at the ½ priced rate • Not applicable to existing active members. • $5 Discount when adding Automatic Renewal – […]

Emergency Dental MN – A No Insurance Emergency MN Dentist

by IST 952-334-8157 Do you need an emergency dental MN emergency dentist in Minneapolis, MN and suburbs now? Have an excruciating toothache you…

KTTC-MN: ObamaCare Increasing Health Insurance Costs For Mayo Clinic Employees

by IST
KTTC-MN: ObamaCare Increasing Health Insurance Costs For Mayo Clinic Employees (January 31, 2014)

IT Insurance

The Insurance Specialists Team specializes in IT insurance for technology businesses including self-employed individuals and IT consultants working from home. We understand the unique risks you face, that’s why we offer technology insurance that is customized to your specific needs. We cover a range of IT professionals including (but not limited to): IT consultants Application service providers Database administrators/designer Computer consultants Computer programmers Hardware installation experts Integration Specialists IT project managers Online security specialists Software developers System designers Website developers Professional liability insurance Professional liability insurance or errors and omissions insurance protects your business if there’s…

The Great 401(k) Flaw

by IST
401(k) plans have become widely used over the last 30 years. Unfortunately, the plan has many flaws. The biggest of which: is that when people reach the age they MUST begin withdrawing money from their plan. Age 59½. The 10 percent early withdrawal penalty on IRA withdrawals ends at age 59½. However, you are not required to take distributions until after you reach age 70½… AKA – the governments payday. How many of us were told to save tax deferred and then take out when you are retired and in a lower tax bracket? How many people can risk retiring […]

Good Moods or Bad Moods… They’re Contagious

by IST
People try to avoid picking up germs from someone who is coughing, but when they encounter a person who is in a bad mood, they can just as easily pick up their cranky vibes. Moods are contagious. It’s easy to catch a good mood. When you’re at work and co-workers have good news about something or someone, they want to share it with you. Excitedly, they announce the good news and everyone is in a better mood. The infectious quality of mood and emotion has been widely studied as a form of contagion. Without consciously trying, people are very good […]

Referral Corner

by IST
We want to thank you for your referrals over the years. We always ask our clients, “If they can just refer us one client per year, it would help us immensely.” We are grateful to everyone who’s referred someone our way, and we always love to have new people become part of our inner circle of friends and family. Simply send them our contact info. call 763.244.3735 , or email or have them stop by one of the agency locations and tell them to tell us you sent them. We will give you a thank you and a Target […]

Grilling Safety

by IST
Summers mean backyard grilling – safely!   Just like hamburgers and hot dogs, a sizzling grill is a symbol of summer and grilling in MN isn’t just about great food. Backyard barbecues often create treasured memories with friends and family.   Keep in mind, however, that when you grill, you’re literally playing with fire. Thousands of residents each year learn this the hard way, suffering damage to their homes or even serious injuries in grilling accidents.   There’s good news, though: You can prevent grilling accidents by taking some simple precautions. The tips below can help ensure you cook only your […]

Why Families Need Life Insurance

by IST
Ben Van Houten the father of sextuplets died Wednesday night from a sudden heart attack, confirmed the Dykstra Life Story Funeral Homes in Holland, MI. Van Houten lived in the Holland area in western Michigan. In 2004, his wife, Amy, gave birth to six children over three days at a Grand Rapids hospital. They’re now 10 years old. The kids were joined by a sister, now 7. At this time, it’s necessary to ask, was the family properly covered with life insurance? Their grief must be astounding. But that anguish cannot be compounded with sudden poverty. Life insurance is critical […]
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