Bicycle Insurance for all bikes.

Need Bicycle Insurance?

Whether at your home, on your auto, riding the trail or the road, bicycles are rarely covered for theft or damage. Thats why its important to get a bike lock and get insurance on your bicycle. We have the availability of a multi-risk, stand-alone insurance policy allowing cyclists to insure their bikes for theft, physical loss, damage, and liability.

Your home insurance likely won’t cover your bikes or the coverage will be limited.

As you may have found there aren’t many places to insure your ebikes and other expensive bicycles.  You can insure them here.  We have choices and options.

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Ebike Insurance

E-bike insurance is readily available and affordable for you here.
E bike insurance does exist and it provides coverage between auto, home, and renters insurances where there are gaps and fine print exclusions. We represent many insurance companies and some offer a stand-alone e-bike insurance policy that insures e-bikes with power assist up to 750 watts and covers theft, damage and more. E-bike policies start at $100 per year and offer a variety of coverage levels and deductible options.

Each Bicycle insurance policy can be customized to fit you and your riding style.  Bike insurance coverage includes protection for damage caused by theft, crash, collision, fire, attempted theft, vandalism or hitting another object.  Coverage of spare parts, cycle apparel, and rental reimbursement are also included at no additional cost.

Additional optional coverages include: Liability coverage to cover the costs for a third party in case of injuries or property damage caused by the insured cyclist; medical payments to cover medical costs of the insured cyclist associated with a cycling accident; and vehicle contact protection for medical costs of the insured cyclist associated with accidents caused by an automobile. Additionally, roadside assistance is available, providing the cyclist a service vehicle ride of up to 35 miles.

It’s time to insure your bike. Take action today and protect yourself and your e-bike.


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