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Insurance is a required for anyone wishing to travel across America. Sometimes it can seem expensive, unnecessary, and a pain in the rear. The first time someone backs into your car in a parking lot or you have your car stolen – right after you spent years and thousands of dollars restoring may be the first time you realize the importance of classic car insurance. It’s not just to recoup damages to your car but for your peace of mind. Go to Maddington wreckers to get your car repaired.It is also a shield against any damages that you or your vehicle causes to other people or their property. Here in Minnesota, as in many states, it can even replace your cracked windshield for free.

Most of us just take our classics for short drives or once a year to the back to the fifties or some other event. They don’t get driven much. The odds of an accident are greatly reduced. Most antiques and classics travel less than one thousand miles per year and that tips the odds in their favor – if you are with the right insurer. Most insurers don’t offer appropriate insurance for antique and classic cars or none at all. Many people find this out too late – after an accident.  They get way below what it is worth. They eventually discover they could have had an awesome policy with great coverage and for less! They just didn’t know it.

Some insurance companies offer some kind of classic vehicle program not only where the rate is reduced but the vehicle may be insured for the correct market value in case of loss. This value is usually related directly to a comprehensive vehicle appraisal.

The Insurance Specialists Team represents a few companies that specialize in antique and classic auto insurance. They also have many standard carriers that will properly insure you classics. In fact, one of their offices is located in Route 65 Classics in Ham Lake, MN. They are surrounded by antiques and classics. IST knows classic car insurance and how to insure them right for less. You’d be amazed.

Insurance doesn’t have to be a pain in the rear. In fact, at the classic/antique rates insurance is downright affordable protection and a bargain for your car and your peace of mind.

Classic Car Insurance from The Insurance Specialists Team

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