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Work Comp Insurance Secret

by IST
SECRET – Why Businesses Overpay for Work Comp Insurance…. You control if your audit is error free, overcharge free and 100% correct Because your real insurance cost is determined after your policy expires, it’s essential the audit is correct. You’re at a disadvantage from the start. The insurance company auditor knows the rules, you don’t. The law does not compel the auditor to explain the rules, especially if applying a rule would cause you to pay a lower premium.     Here’s how the Work comp insurance auditor works against you:   • Your entire payroll is put into the highest […]

ELD Enforcement Contributes to Rising Freight Rates

by IST
Electronic logging device (ELD) enforcement has contributed to rapidly growing freight rates, according to a report from transportation information firm DAT Solutions. The firm found that 3 percent of surveyed truckers planned to retire instead of comply with the ELD rule, which was a large factor in a 7 percent drop in year-over-year trucking capacity. Although the ELD rule came into effect at the end of 2017, the Department of Transportation only began enforcement of the rule on April 1, 2018. ELDs automatically track a driver’s compliance with federal hours-of-service limits, and drivers who don’t use the devices must stop […]
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