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Your service and reminders are very helpful and
appreciated! I wish more companies had the exceptional service that you
guy’s have showed me.

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You’re the greatest!!

We switched to Tim too. The people that work there have a high level of intelligence and they work hard to get you the best deal.I would highly recommend the Insurance Specialist Team….763-244-3735Joe

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A friend told me to check out this USAA Insurance for Veterans. I did and my current rates are $350 less for six months. If you need insurance, Tim Peddycoart at Insurance Specialists Team will find you a great rate.
Paul KwiecienPaul

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Will find you a great rate!

Thanks Tim!   This is great!  Rae Ann

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Thanks Tim! This is great!

Thank you 🙂 No Problem.  You guys do an amazing job! – Paula

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Thank you! No problem. You guys do an amazing job!

Thank you so much!  Leslie Z.  Minneapolis, MN

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Thank you so much!

We have had very good service from IST. We have had our car and home and health insurance through this agency for several years and are very happy with them. They do their best to provide us with the best insurance protection for the best prices. – Arlene Peterson

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We have had very good service from IST.

The insurance specialists team helps my clients get affordable home insurance.  I recommend highly and often.  – Brandon

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I refer all my clients to IST

I’ve known Tim for years and have had my insurance with IST for seven years.  I estimate it has saved me thousands of dollars.  Service is beyond compare.  – Mark Beilke.  Edina, MN

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I’ve Been with IST for 7 years

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